Traditionelle Christenheit

April 9, 2014

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I’m blogging again, at Traditionelle Christenheit, in German with English translations. Commenting is shut off, but I allow pingbacks. Cheers, Alte

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How Should a Lady Interact with Strangers?

September 2, 2013


This discussion has been tippy-toed ’round more times than I can count, but since TC is a quiet place these days, I thought (with the permission of the lovely editrixes) that we might have a chat about this. Considerations: 1) It is apparent that the smile of a lady is a valuable thing, lightening many […]

The Brave Old Theology: Do Him Good

August 23, 2013


Posts at SSM’s recently elicited very wordy replies (from me), so lengthy in fact that I opted to convert them to my own post, more than one in fact, rather than burden her with such meandering free-association mini-rants. So, it goes “the Word was with God” – the words are NOT God. Now before you […]

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Nothing to Lose : A Requiem for The Patriarchy

August 9, 2013


It’s old news now, the verdict is in, George Zimmerman is far from free but he’s not in jail in Florida anymore. Now descend the poverty pimps and race baiters, our own Preezie among them, hoping to gin up a secondary wave of fury that induces a reaction from the Justice Department to pursue charges […]

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Going out with a bang

August 6, 2013


So, this is my final post on TC for the foreseeable future. I’m already totally stressed out and busy, and I’m starting to get the feeling that I’m just repeating myself. Sometimes I think, “I should write a post about THIS!” and then I realize that I’ve already written a post about that. Twice. Nevermind. […]

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That actually is quite sexist

August 5, 2013


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Menu Plan Monday

August 5, 2013


  Elspeth:   Sunday- Grilled flank steak, baked potatoes, Caesar salad Monday- Roasted vegetable pasta Tuesday- Chicken breasts with black-eyes peas and couscous Wednesday- Birthday dinner, TBD Thursday- Crispy baked dijon-tarragon chicken with roasted green beans and mushrooms Friday- Bacon-cheddar burgers, sweet potato fries

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