Fear not the Neo-Trad…it ain’t ever gonna happen

Posted on July 3, 2011 by

For the traditional housewife, theorizing about the economic and societal benefits of a macro installment of neo-paterfamilias is good clean fun, but the very idea draws ire from near every other subset of the population.   Interestingly, and most importantly, vociferous objection comes from men, who see it as a mechanism of self-entrapment.  For those it would most protect, women (and by default, children), who in a mindset informed by a personal religion of sex-positivism in action and do not wish to have their behavior questioned, no matter how anti-social it may be, it is telling that they object even more loudly than men.

In company are the following:

CHOICE ADDICTS  The idea of one family, one job, one vote, is counter to every social instruction any secular person has had in the last century or better.   The narcissism of “choice” – I’m tired of my wife/husband/kids/car/gender, time to trade up – has become normalized. The average egalitarian-minded twenty something, male or female, won’t likely begin to understand it beyond the so called “oppression of women” as assigned by the liberal arts college they also “chose” to overpay to attend.

MILITANT FEMINISTS  (and some not so militant)  Predictable malcontents,  prone to conflate simple acts of male/female cooperation (up to and including the marriage act) with human bondage, and refusal  to acknowledge the physical and psychological differences between men and women,  what they perceive as influence is a responsibility they often lack the wit or fortitude  to endure.  They like to vote themselves power, including the power to insist men finish tasks they have undertaken but cannot manage (combat, much?), even if it is in direct conflict with the well being of all concerned.   And let’s not forget the default to the meme of the abusive husband/father, for it is only feminism that has stood between wives and certain death at the hands of their troglodyte patriarchal husbands.  All patriarchs are murderers, which is why there are no more women.

SOCIAL SERVICES AGENCIES AND POLITICIANS   Paterfamilias would necessarily result in the elimination of jobs, up to and including their own. Never mind the jobs would no longer be necessary, as women would largely return to home life, kitchen gardens and everything from cottage industry to part time specialized professional work to sophisticated entrepreneurial occupations,  and men would no longer be in competition with their own wives for jobs that have been undervalued due to over-availability of workforce.  Ultimately the family would bring in a larger income via reduced expenses and lower taxes.   Children and the elderly would be integral parts of the family rather than farmed out to government schools and nursing facilities.  The large public female-centric education and social worker classes would be restructured to reserve those as specialties to serve people truly in need.    Women would be mothers, men would be fathers, and everyone knows how much that sucks when the government has applied for the job of de facto parent.

THOSE WHO’S LIFESTYLES ARE SUBSIDIZED BY GOVERNMENT   Single parents of multiple children, those disinclined to work, perpetual students, etc, who routinely vote themselves ever expanding benefits and legislated resistance to social pressure to curtail their destructive behaviors.  A system of vested voting, one element of paterfamilias would bring the poverty pimps , race baiters, and Chicago mayors out in full force, crying “Jim Crow”  and “social justice”  and  “where’s my cut?” from the sunroofs of their Mercedes limousines.

MEN  The only legitimate voice of dissent in the bunch,  it is entirely understandable that men would have serious reservations about such a system – it shifts a large burden of responsibility to the head of household, and there are no guarantees that the fickle nature of less responsible members of society (see: all of the above) would not re-group and regress to the current system by which we intentionally marginalize men, or worse, a system by which only part of the paterfamilias structure is left in place, holding men financially responsible for the good behavior and well being of their families, yet left with no authority by which to garner it.   Um, kind of  like now?

Alas, a girl can dream, selfishly, of a patriarchal Utopia in which she would be relieved of the destructive forces of multi-wave feminism, but no worries for those opposed – true to her convictions, she would never vote for it, because – well – her husband wouldn’t.