That social worker is not your mother

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(In a previous thread, Lia wrote a comment that needs a bit more attention.)

SOCIAL SERVICES AGENCIES AND POLITICIANS Paterfamilias would necessarily result in the elimination of jobs, up to and including their own.

Please, could we please have this part happen? Pretty please?

Never mind the fact that the current social service/welfare system is currently unsustainable and rather corrupt in the way it is organized and functions. I’ve worked in it for nearly 10 years and I can say for a fact that these jobs– hell, MY job– needs to be eliminated to bring sanity back to the family unit in society.

“Social workers,” and, “agencies,” should have never existed in the first place, but were developed during the establishment of the, “nanny state,” that we currently find ourselves in. Initially, it was thought that these structures would serve to help those most in need, and there probably was a legitimate need for the services. However, private charity should have been relied on as the primary source of this need, while these services are gone to as the last resort and for special circumstances/cases. That’s the problem now, as government services are relied on as the first choice and any intervention from private sources is seen as nonexistent or are unreliable sources of help.

The current job of a social worker can best be summarized as follows: they serve as the government’s middlemen to determine how money is doled out. The collateral is the money collected from taxpayers, except the loans are never repaid because the system is wasteful and non-sustainable over time. Social workers are supposed to ensure that the use of money are justified, and a GOOD social worker is an astute examiner of how funds are used and will make sure that the minimum necessary is available. Most social workers aren’t like that, and can’t be like that, because the current system does not encourage families to be involved.

I would go further to argue that the current system is also destructive to families because they can rely on the government as the surrogate, “parent,” to take care of their family member’s needs. In a previous post, Alte had raised the issue and we had tossed around what came first– the chicken or the egg– but the truth is, it doesn’t matter anymore. The system is not going to last, and the only structure that is stable enough to care for people who need intense services and assistance are families and private charity. The current structure discourages families to be involved because women in the roles of social worker, government-funded nurse, residential facility manager, etc. tells the families that they are incapable of knowing what is best for their parent/sibling/child/relative, and their assistance will be needed at minimum. Oftentimes, when a parent finds out that their child has special needs, they are quickly assigned to a social worker who apparently knows their child better and thinks they can do better than the parents can. What these parents need are advocates and resources available to them on a private and charitable level so they can be better educated on how to parent a child with special needs, and how to develop inclusiveness, whereas the government-sponsored system encourages exclusivity.

What I have observed is that many women in these roles end up taking on the roles of surrogate parent or family member for their clientèle, in addition to being a financial intermediary for the government. They aren’t really serving a true role or contributing to a productive service in the workforce, and instead end up stressed, overweight, chain-smoking, and haggard-looking women who can barely keep it together. OK, maybe I am being a bit, “mean,” there but really that is what I have seen and heard, time and time again. It’s a high stress job that does not make anything meaningful for the country, and doesn’t allow women to adequately function in roles such as wife and mother, nor does it encourage these roles.

Not to mention, I’m pretty tired of always hearing social workers talk about how abortion is apparently the greatest gift women have been given, and how all hell is gonna break loose if abortion laws are stricter. The day you meet a pro-life social worker is the day rainbow skittles fall out of the sky!

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