Do we need quotas for men?

Posted on July 9, 2011 by

From Mark Richardson at Oz Conservative:

How do you like this? In the UK, there are now a quarter of primary schools without a male teacher. In some regions of England the percentage without a male teacher is as high as 57%. But the Department for Education is not going to try to recruit more men into the field; they are going to operate on the principle of “best person for the job”:

A DfE spokesman said: ‘Quality of teaching in our schools is what we should all be looking at, regardless of gender.

‘Our job is to recruit the best men and women into the profession and give them outstanding training.’

OK, that principle would be defensible if it were applied consistently. But, as we know, when it’s a case of men dominating a field then no such principle is invoked. Instead, we hear arguments that “a cross section of the population must be represented” or “we must aim for 50% representation of women”.

In my thread on working women, we noted this same dichotomy. Some people are just more equal than others.

This is what we call “shifting the goalposts”. First they say they want equality of outcomes. Once they are in the majority, they say they want meritocracy. Which is it, ladies?