The NAWALT Dilemma

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NAWALT- Not all women are like that. A maxim that is true, and in our day and age totally over-used. But, alas, Traditionalist Christians must address it if for no other reason than so we have something to link to in future discussions.

The Social Pathologist is a popular manosphere blog produced by a Family Physician. In a recent post he points out that some women are neither good at mothering nor do they enjoy it.

conservatives have, in mantra like fashion, repeated that the path to happiness lays in staying at home, cooking and cleaning up after the hubby  and the kids.  Unfortunately, there is actually a great body of evidence that many women find this existence miserable. The conservative response to this is similar to liberal response to HBD evidence, namely to bury their heads in the sand and to deny any problem with their conception of womanhood, rather they blame to women for not fitting to their conception of womanhood.

He makes the point that not only do some women dislike mothering but some women are simply not wired to be good at it. Then he says “but women don’t know this until they have already become mothers.”

The second conservative misconception is that women are naturally capable of looking after children. The sad fact is that a lot of women are hopeless for a variety of reasons. And whilst some of this can be remedied through peer education and inter-generational experience some women just can’t seem to do it, despite their best efforts.

Touche! It is true that us patriarchal traditionalists tend to sweep the NAWALTS under the rug when we draft our utopian schemes, but there is no argument that some women are just not good mothers. Nature doesn’t always follow a rule book… if it did we wouldn’t have hermaphrodites and elephant men.

Our problem is that many feminists will use these outlier women as a reason why we must have all the stuff that Traditionalists don’t like (STDL).  Here is a list of how outlier woman could work around the STDL’s.

  • Women Competing With Men in the Workforce– the very talented women can still get jobs, otherwise women can work along side their husbands, start a home business, or volunteer work.
  • Daycares– These soulless institutions are no good for kids. In patriarchal society families live closer and grandparents/extend family can provide child care.
  • Women competing with men in their homes– Career women tend to have divided loyalties. A wife’s career should come second to the husbands and she should avoid jobs that will exhaust her or harden her emotional disposition.
  • Birth Control– In a culture of life the average family size is about 5 children (natural lifetime fertility rate average).  An outlier mother may not want to have all the kids her body can produce.  There are many ways to prevent pregnancies besides the widespread use of artificial hormonal birth control which pollutes a woman’s body and the environment.  NFP is one of those methods.

Traditionalists can accept that not every woman will find her bliss being a mother, but we don’t have to arrange society to accommodate the few when the majority are wired for domesticity.

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