Don’t Date This Woman

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To look at her it may not be immediately obvious why.  She is fairly attractive and healthy and by some accounts certainly a life-of-the-party type.  She seems like the kind of girl a guy wouldn’t hesitate to go up to in a bar…but if you do..and you take her home.. she might get pregnant…and 2 years into your precious child’s life this friendly gregarious woman will murder her and leave her to decompose in her car.

Now that may seem presumptuous of me to say…after all, this woman was declared not guilty.  Who am I to say otherwise?   Well, any halfway reasonable person can put the dozens of red-flags together and see she is clearly guilty.   So why didn’t the Jury?  Two reasons… they didn’t want her to be guilty and they aren’t the brightest bulbs.

As Former FBI Agent Joe Navarro states:

What kind of jurors do jury consultants and thus defense attorneys prefer in homicide cases? Perhaps better not to offend by looking instead at who usually doesn’t get selected: College graduates especially those with graduate degrees. The more years you were in college the lower the chance a jury consultant wants you for that jury. Firemen are out as are police officers. They prefer to keep Republicans out and members of the NRA. If you own or have owned several successful companies you won’t be selected. If you have a job where you manage a lot of people and need to make difficult decisions everyday, they don’t want you and the same goes for human resource officers for large firms.

If you read Scientific American, Nature, Science, The Economist, or International Affairs, you need not worry. I could go on and on.

And why didn’t they want her to be guilty?

Lastly, it is hard for us to deal with psychopathy. We as a society have difficulty absorbing their capacity to be, as Robert Hare says, “intra-species predators” lacking remorse or a conscience (see Robert Hare’s, “Without Conscience”). We struggle to understand why an anti-social personalitywould do the things they do. We try to understand them using normal/moral brains not realizing that they, by their very nature, are using a very abnormal/amoral brains and that is where many get derailed.

In the case of the “fairer sex” it is easy to see why it would make it doubly difficult to catch a predator. 

But never fear..there are warning signs.

1. No remorse or conscience – they don’t feel bad about what they do, only getting caught
2. Glibness/superficial charm – when they want to, and it benefits them, they act as they need to – they are chameleon like & superficially interesting
3. Aggressively narcissistic – everything has to be their way, if you don’t agree with them, you are a hindrance and an obstacle
4. They believe themselves above the law which for them are formalities to bend or break
5. Grandiose sense of self-worth – they over value themselves and their needs and devalue the needs or worth of others.
6. They are pathological liars; lying even when they don’t have to and doing so with great facility
7. Cunning/manipulative – extremely versatile from a very early age
8. Lack of guilt – a key feature of psychopathy. While others are being destroyed physically or emotionally, they don’t feel a thing
9. Emotionally shallow – their emotions are lacking or blunted, or at times inappropriate
10. Callous/lack of empathy – don’t really care about the feeling of others only themselves
11. Failure to accept responsibility for own actions – always someone else’s fault never their own.
12. High need for stimulation/proneness to boredom – they would rather play than work which is routine and boring
13. Parasitic lifestyle – would rather let others work – better to leech money off of other than earn money
14. Poor behavioral control – irresponsible behavior is a large factor as is putting others in danger
15. Promiscuous sexual behavior – what some would call “slutty” behavior
16. Lack of realistic, long-term goals – they live for the moment without planning for the future
17. Impulsiveness – doing what they want when they want as they want
18. Criminal versatility – the ability to commit crimes and lie with ease
19. Criminal behavior – they routinely steal, cheat, lie, or fail to comply with laws
20. Use people – people are to be used or manipulated, not cared for

We all need to wake up and smell the evil. I am not the biggest fan of Oprah but she did say one thing that was true:  “When someone shows you their true colors, believe them.”

Never ever ever underestimate a persons capacity for evil no matter how “fun” or “hot” or seemingly innocent.

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