Cousin Marriage

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My Caucasian mother was an only child with her baby sister dying quite young. She only had one cousin but I never met him. My African father has 6 to 8 brothers and sisters. I possibly have about 30 African cousins and from these 30 I knew about 7 or so (I didn’t know much about the other 23). I once went to a family reunion and due to my father’s extended family being quite large I didn’t know about 3/4 of the people present. Am I going to marry my cousin? Never. I was just offering some family background on cousins.

What lead me to write this post was coming upon this post from the ThinkingHousewife where all of the sudden I started thinking many things cousin due to a comment present there. Some Amish and Muslims for example have had cousin marriages in their midst and I was curious about the inbreeding coefficient. It seems that 1st and 2nd cousin marriages are at serious risk and may be considered incest but are mostly called inbreed. I’ve read a few posts concerning the subject of cousin marriage and I have come to the conclusion that it’s the best to marry a 3rd cousin and upwards if a cousin marriage ever occurs (which I’m against). The reason being that 3rd cousins have 1/256 equal genes as yourself (which means it’s 0.390625%). A 1st cousin shares about 6.25% of your genetic makeup.

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