A Handmaids Tale

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In the popular feminist fiction A Handmaids Tale by Margaret Atwood a totalitarian regime takes over America and subjugates women.  Women are put into classes and the “Handmaides” have the duty of bearing children for the “Wives”.

The book depicts a dystopian nightmare.  Women devalued as humans and used soley for their reproductive abilities.

How ironic then that the feminist nightmare is coming true at the hands of the feminist movement itself. Thanks to their efforts in divorcing sex from love, marriage, and procreation..and thanks to their championing gay rights…the devaluing of the feminine is nearly complete.

The blogger at Accepting Abundance sites an article in a Life and Culture magazine.

The story that really got to me was the one about the married fathers from Massachusetts, our state of residence, who were raising their two half-twin daughters about to celebrate their second birthday.  They were “assembled” by using the gametes from each father and the egg of a single female donor.  On the question of what to do if too many children are assembled he told one of the most read newspapers in the world about the decision.

Mike Aki and his husband, a Massachusetts couple, confronted this question. The couple planned on having two children. But their two surrogate mothers in India each became pregnant with twins. 

At 12 weeks into the pregnancies, Mr. Aki and his husband decided to abort two of the fetuses, one from each woman. It was a very painful call to make, Mr. Aki says. “You start thinking to yourself, ‘Oh, my god, am I killing this child?'”

He didn’t think of his decision as an abortion, but as a “reduction,” he says. “You’re reducing the pregnancies to make sure you have a greater chance of healthy children,” Mr. Aki says. “If you’re going to bring a child into this world, you have an obligation to take care of that child to the best of your abilities.”

Of course, the first and foremost tragedy of this situation is the innocent lives they dispose of and rationalize with verbal acrobatics.  “We prefer to call it a reduction”.

But notice as well that these two men never even consider the impact on the women they are asking to abort.  While nurturing a child and giving it away is a trauma in itself…at least birthing it is entirely natural and relatively safe.  Abortion, however, is not natural or all that safe..it can lead to many physical complications and has been known to result in PTSD.  There is also evidence to suggest that selective reduction of multiples may lead to psychological problems in the surviving children….but they don’t seem to care about that either.

If the idea of using an impoverished woman to carry your designer baby and forcing her to abort the “extras” is repulsive to you then maybe you actually value women’s humanity and not just their reproductive organs.  And it would also mean you aren’t very feminist.  Go figure.

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