Qualia and Christianity

Posted on July 25, 2011 by

Qualia are a notoriously slippery philosophical construct. But one can safely presume to define them as the -ness of the thing. Redness of red, the-ness of ‘the’, and so forth.

When it comes to Christianity, though, one gets into interesting waters. We are made in the image of God, after all. But what does that mean, really?

In terms of qualia, it means we could be seen as, in fact, God’s qualia. We are the essence of the thing, the nature of the thing, the -ness of the thing. The thing being God. But we are never the thing. Just an epiphenomenal quality of it, at most.

We carry God’s likeness, we walk on the barest edges of His Spirit-nature. Yet we are never in fact God, or a God-thing. We are some qualia of a Godhead. We are some quality of an infinite and all-knowing being, but never the all-knowing and infinite being.

In this context the Triune Godhead makes a LOT more sense, frankly. It is at least more understandable.

This is what discomfits Satan, actually. Like us, he is made in an image of God, but yet he is not God. The angst originates from the fact that the devil is also God’s qualia. Imbued with the nature of the thing, yet not the thing, no matter how he strives to become the thing.

It is a difficulty of qualia, and a difficulty of faith, even for demons.

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