Are Atheists Smarter Than Theists?

Posted on July 26, 2011 by

Thanks to the evangelical efforts of the New Atheism religion has gone totally out-of-style.  All the cool kids know that faith is just the “opiate of the masses” and that theists are holding back progress.

But is it true?  Are we theists just a bunch of dummies who need to get with the program?

Apparently, polls say that academics are more likely to be atheists and some assume this must be because higher IQ correlates with atheism.

Denyse O’Leary does an excellent job of debunking this assertion. 

He analyzes the study that compares the average IQ of a nation with the number who claim to be atheists. There is significant differences among countries that have the same average IQ.

Here is the top 10 according to IQ.  The number beside it is the percentage of the country claiming to be atheist.

    • Singapore 108 13
    • South Korea 106 30
    • Japan 105 65
    • Taiwan 105 24
    • Italy 102 6
    • Iceland 101 16
    • Switzerland 101 17
    • Austria 100 18
    • Netherlands 100 42
    • Norway 100 31

Italy is 6% atheist and the average IQ is 4 points higher than United States (98) while US has 10% Atheists. Going back to the original assertion That atheists are smarter and that is why they are more likely to be academics…I guess that might not be the reason.

I assert that the real reason is that Theists are just too cool for school.

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