More Evidence of the Decline

Posted on July 26, 2011 by

We live in a country that has lost 1,680 soldiers in a war with no defined enemy, no clear objectives, and no end in sight.

A country whose Ponzi scheme of an economy is threatening to collapse under the weight of it’s own debt while it’s Congress and the President try to figure out how to manipulate the people into believing they are doing something about it, assuming anything can even be done about it. All the while, it becomes more obvious that both parties are concerned about nothing more than the next election cycle.

93 Norwegian people lost their lives through no fault of their own, at the hands of a confused and disillusioned man who thought the only way to be heard was to commit murder.

And what is the lead news story in this country over the weekend? The “tragic” death of a young British pop star who destroyed herself and her life with drugs and alcohol. Was it tragic? Well, yes, to those who knew and loved her. I just don’t see why our attention should be turned toward her story when there are more pressing issues in this country.

This is why I think the American mainstream media should be ignored. Not only do they purposefully twist the news to fit their ideological agenda, they also distract the people from the issues they should be concerned about. What’s worse is that I believe this is evidence of their own misplaced sense of what’s important and what’s not.

They make a mockery of our founder’s commitment to a free press. If this, the modern American press, is who we are to depend on to keep us informed of what matters, we really are in deep trouble.