I know it’s hard, but try not to talk.

Posted on July 27, 2011 by

I’ve been giggling at the title of a popular book, Go the F**k to Sleep.  It’s  a sarcastic twist on a bedtime story, about kids who will not go to sleep at night. I find it somewhat amusing, if a little less than charitable.  I can appreciate the sentiment.   I would like to write a book just for feminists, called Shut the F**k Up! , as in Please, just. stop. talking.

Over the last several days, we’ve examined the net-negative of dating crazies, the danger for men in the workplace, and the societal havoc brought on by women’s suffrage.  What makes such discussions especially confounding is the simple fact that it’s really not that difficult to be a woman. Are there seasons of life that are challenging?  Absolutely, but the same is true for men, it’s not female-only territory.  The relentless whining of  feminists, in their never ending pursuit to gaslight their opposition, would lead one to believe we are still wearing metaphorical hoop-skirts and corsets, fanning ourselves to stay the oppressive dictatorial heat of patriarchy when, in fact, it is the tiny vestigial hold traditionalism has on our culture that saves our scrawny necks from abandonment and physical harm.  We set about proving how much smarter than men we supposedly are  by way of the methodology of our foremothers and Fed Chairmen alike, insisting that continuing to do more of the wrong thing will eventually command a result that is not an utter disaster.

Many of us were involuntarily initiated into membership of a gang we wanted no part of,  and did not intend to join.  The Gang of Pink, that nest of harpies who have made it a life’s work to destabilized families by usurping parental authority and to criminalize male behavior by crying “that’s sexist” every time a man dares disagree with the mission –  the neo-socialist types, political demagogues, marginal celebrities and the occasional psychopath who all claim victim status based primarily if not entirely on their sex, and use this contrived platform as a position from which to command attention, provoke men, and simultaneously slander any person over any cause for any reason.   The current ring-leaders are multitude, but just to name a few, for type:

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Don‘t hit me, I‘m a girl!
I enjoy employing whine as a rhetorical device,  couching misandry and political agenda in feigned injury and behaving as if that’s all a perfectly legitimate substitute for reason.  If I can bash a conservative man of color, all the better.  I’m counting on your vote to continue this very important work.

Susan Sarandon –   I’m from Hollywood, and I’m here to help.
I’m a famous (has been) actor, therefore I am smart, relevant, and imbued with the authority to insert myself into political situations I know nothing about and that do not directly affect me.  Then, I will call a duly elected public official who is acting in accordance with the will of his constituency by a choice name or two to get my face on television.  It really is all about the little people.   Did you see Bull Durham?

Casey Anthony I killed my baby, I blame my Daddy.
Character assassination and criminal accusations of perversion and incest is where it’s at, all in order to defend myself  against an accusation of murder – which I say I didn’t commit, but I still had to roll out my strategy for appeal because, gosh, it was looking real bad for me.  It just isn’t enough to drive someone to attempt suicide, I’m an all or nothing kind of gal, ask my daughter.  Plus, it’s not that big a deal, my Dad’s really old.

Michelle ObamaYou and your stupid kids are fat, now hand me a cheese steak.
I’m not a nutritionist, a scientist, an elected official, nor am I really interested in your reality.  I would like to take this opportunity, however, to encourage you to plant a garden in the backyard of the foreclosed house you are squatting in and try jumping rope to pass the time between job interviews.  Now here’s a poster of the new food “plate” and a bag of kohlrabi.

Catherine Kieu BeckerSometimes verbal castration just isn’t enough.
I don’t know a woman who hasn’t fantasized about mutilating her husband.  And it is NOT domestic violence, because  – you know – he deserved it.  Should I call Gloria or Rusty?

People,  I’m begging you,  PLEASE STFU!!.  You put words in my mouth, yet you do not speak for me. Your ridiculous self-dealing double standards are embarrassing, and it’s damaging the credibility of the “sisterhood” you claim to represent.   Reverse the positions, with the attacked being the attacker, and what would be the result?   The verbal offenses would undoubtedly be legally actionable and the criminal attacks would be categorized  as hate crimes worthy of the death penalty.   So please, shut up, shut up, shuuuuuddddduuuuup!!!