Why Traditionalist Women Can’t Convert Feminist Women

Posted on July 29, 2011 by

{This is a post I am resurrecting from the dead so a few of you may recognize it.  I originally wrote it on my blog back when I was only getting a few hits a day.  I think this is a topic worthy of debate.}

I believe it is up to men to save the world from feminism.  I know well enough that this doesn’t go over well.  After all, women messed things up so they should be the ones to fix it.

Fair enough, but we can’t.  There is no carrot at the end of our stick.  Its just a stick, and there aren’t enough of us to beat the feminists into submission.

The feminists catered to womens vice.  Traditionalists ask the feminists to turn away from vice and towards virtue.  And whats the reward?  All we can promise is the slight possibility they will have a warm feeling inside, and that just isn’t enough to rewire social conditioning and biological programming.

So women like Alte, Terri, myself, and others can stand on our soap boxes and preach til we are blue in the face but it ain’t gonna change a dang thing.

“But thats not fair! I don’t want to clean up your mess”.   It’s not fair, but keep in mind that the younger generations of women did not make the kool-aid.  They were force-fed the kool-aid in their baby bottles.   Deep down they are craving some wholesome milk, they just wouldn’t recognize it if they saw it because they have only ever known the kool-aid.

The Red Pill men have a mission and I can’t promise there are any tangible rewards.  I guess you’ll just have to settle for the favor of God.