Link of the Week- The Masculine Genius

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Excerpts from an insightful interview with Professor Anthony Esolen

When a virtue falls by the wayside, when it is no longer a lived reality recognized by a community in its manifold forms, we recall only a scrap of it here or there, or we can only imagine a gaudy caricature of it…………….

That, I think, is the case now for both manhood and womanhood.

Really, the human race has not changed since the days of Homer and Moses; men and women have not changed. And the mysteries of manhood and womanhood have been probed in literature for thousands of years. So we need to step back a little, take a look at that literature, or take a look at what men within our own lifetimes used to do.

For instance, though men are certainly wilder creatures than women — the source of both their dynamism and their destructiveness — it is men, not women, who create the civil order, as it is women, not men, who create the domestic order……………….

Men have a passion for the truth, and they seek that truth not generally by means of the affections, but by complex structures of various sorts………..

Then they might notice that Jesus is not the cute boyfriend that many of our churches make him out to be, the one who never goes too far — forgive me if that is a little coarse.

Jesus loves women, as all good men must; Jesus obeys his mother at Cana; but Jesus does not hang around the skirts of women; he speaks gently, but as a man speaks gently, and when he rebukes, he rebukes forthrightly and clearly, as a man.

His closest comrades are men, though they are not necessarily the people he loves best in the world. He organizes them into a battalion of sacrifice…………,,

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