What wives can learn from whores

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I was watching a television show where undercover cops posing as prostitutes were catching “Johns” and then questioning why they were paying for sex. It is interesting that many of the men caught going to prostitutes admitted that they are in marriages with less than satisfying sex lives.

It is quite possible that these men just want kinky stuff that is beyond the realm of reasonable and normal sexuality, but based on the clips I saw they seemed to just want run-of-the-mill sex. It is also possible that they are lying about having a bad sex life and they simply want variety, but it is also possible that they are telling the truth and their wives are sexually stingy.

A sexually stingy wife isn’t an excuse to cheat, but that isn’t the point of this post. The question is, why do wives feel entitled to be stingy?

Googling around the internet I came across a website where a woman tries to convince Christian women that they have a duty to provide their husbands with good sex. This stuck out at me:

It is not unusual for a godly wife to feel she is acting like a harlot if she were to do certain things for her husband.  In direct contrast to harlots, however, she would actually be acting like a devout wife, displaying a side of her that is reserved exclusively for the life-partner God has entrusted to her. She is bonding with her husband by sharing exciting secrets that only the two of them could ever guess. Of course what makes harlots grossly immoral is that they have what should be marital relations with almost any man. Driven by money, they take pains to find out what men like and then give it to them. They put aside their own pleasure and focus on pleasing a man. How tragic it would be if, for the love of money, godless harlots are willing to do more to please strangers (including your husband, if they could connive it) than you would do for the love of the man you are committed to for life.


It is an interesting idea to reflect on. A harlot is willing to study men and go to significant lengths (and risk) to make them happy in exchange for money, and yet so many wives are not willing to do much of anything for their spouses sake even if that spouse is providing them with more material and non-material blessings than the whore could ever hope for.

The stingy wife defrauds her husband of a satisfying sex life.  Instead of strengthening him against temptation she creates temptation.

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