Does Abstinence Work?

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Celebrity theraploitationist Dr. Drew Pinsky will air his interview with Bristol Palin on his HLN talk show tonight. In this preview clip, watch as Pinsky really, really tries to get her to say she wasn’t just knocked-up by Levi Johnston, but that she was raped by him.

“In California, that would be a rape. Is it the same in Alaska?” he asks, to which Bristol sheepishly admits to not being up on the finer points of Alaskan technical-rape law. Drew presses on: “Did it feel like rape?” Nope, still not biting, doctor! “Now remember what kids do is they try to make it right by justifying what happened…”

Palin claims to have been been drunk during her first time.

Which brings me to the question – Can abstinence work?

My answer: Only if the environment supports it.

A girl who goes to crazy parties full of alcohol and boys trying to seduce them has a 99.9% chance of having sex eventually.

A girl who starts seriously dating in her midteens with a boy who is not committed to waiting to have sex is 90% likely to give it up eventually.

A girl who has a mad crazy crush on some alpha jerk and spends any real time alone with him is 90% likely to give in to sex eventually.

We say women are gatekeepers and that may be true but a lock is not a fortress.  A womans natural inhibitions may keep her from initiating sex..but a steady onslaught of people trying to pick that lock is likely to be successful.

We can’t possibly expect the typical teen girl to live the typical teen life of boys, parties, alcohol, and tons of alone time with the opposite sex and remain chaste.

Parents need to take responsibility for helping teens avoid temptation rather than assuming they are too angelic to be tempted.

Which brings me back to the Palin story.  WHY THE HELL did her parents let her go to a party with alcohol and boys????

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