Proverbs 31 Women

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We all know about the Proverbs 31 woman, who awes us with her industriousness and fidelity. Far from being a house mouse, she’s busy as a bee, works tirelessly for her family, manages her household expertly, and supports her husband. Although few of us can live up to her ideal, I thought it’d be nice to pay our respects to the women in our lives who remind us most of her.

I’ll go first.

  • The woman she reminds me most of is my mother. Although I tend to give the credit (or blame, depending upon who you ask) for my upbringing to my father, in truth I’ve learned a lot from my mother about how to be a dutiful and faithful wife. From the rocky days of their early marriage, to the constant moving and lone-parenting of military life, to her tireless care of her children and grandchildren, she’s truly a role model for me.
  • Another woman the passage reminds me of is my mother’s brother’s wife, my aunt. A petite and rather dry woman with a cutting sense of humor and a surprisingly mischievous smile, she’s both the most intelligent woman I know, and the most submissive and constant wife. It was from her that I learned that submission is something done out of strength and respect, not out of weakness and fear. She’s not a particularly religious woman, but she’s guided more than most by an inner moral compass and a dedication to “doing her duty”.
  • The last woman who tends to pop into my head when reading about this wifely ideal is my cousin, the same one who introduced me to my husband. She is only a few years older than me, and when we met she was tall and stunning like a model. The hardship of her life is chipping away at that outer prettiness and revealing the deeper beauty underneath. Her husband just received a new heart, in an emergency operation, but he’s been on the list for five years now. She’s working full-time, running the family farm, and caring for his two children, himself, and his mother who is chronically ill.
    But this isn’t the remarkable thing. The remarkable thing is that she’s managed to keep her husband cheerful and hopeful for the future, despite his frustration at his helplessness and his struggle for good health. She’s apparently swallowed her natural melancholy entirely. Her eyes light up even brighter than before when she smiles, and he smiles with her.
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