Separate the Sacrament of Marriage from the State?

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Someone sent me a link to this writing by a pastor which lays out why he believes Christians should not  obtain marriage licenses from the state when they wed. When you consider the rapid and immoral changes to the very definition of marriage, the sorry state of traditional marriage, and the anti-family laws on the books, I think he may have a point. Here is one of the reasons he gives:

When you marry with a marriage license, you place yourself under a body of law which is immoral. By obtaining a marriage license, you place yourself under the jurisdiction of Family Court which is governed by unbiblical and immoral laws. Under these laws, you can divorce for any reason. Often, the courts side with the spouse who is in rebellion to God, and castigates the spouse who remains faithful by ordering him or her not to speak about the Bible or other matters of faith when present with the children.

As a minister, I cannot in good conscience perform a marriage which would place people under this immoral body of laws. I also cannot marry someone with a marriage license because to do so I have to act as an agent of the State!  I would have to sign the marriage license, and I would have to mail it into the State. Given the State’s demand to usurp the place of God and family regarding marriage, and given it’s unbiblical, immoral laws to govern marriage, it would be an act of treason for me to do so.

I think he presents his arguments in ways that could be improved, and I don’t agree 100% with all of his reasoning, but I do agree that it is time for believers to reconsider placing our marriages under state jurisdiction from the outset.

Should believers begin to separate ourselves from state-sanctioned marriage?

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