The Death of Britain

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Some have been saying that Britain is dead. What exactly lead to this death? It was a combination of biological, cultural and spiritual factors.

In the biological arena Britain has been endorsing the flawed ideals of multiculturalism, diversity and mass immigration which has lead to the exodus of thousands of native Britons. Who knows the British may end up like the Jewish diaspora if little is reversed and sanity doesn’t kick in. Many British have expated for various reasons and have already settled in other countries.

In the cultural arena schools possess lack of discipline, prisons reward criminals, pests and the lazy are supported by government welfare and other instances. Superficiality and vapid topics and obsessions dominate the landscape. Celebrities headed into the abyss and unruly behaviour are celebrated.

In the spiritual arena the British have abandoned Christianity and have wandered into unbelief. Some say this is because of Darwinianism and evolution. The remaining believers are separating themselves from heresies and blasphemies and joining other more faithful Christians groups and denominations.

Due to sexual liberation and endorsement of alien cultures in the British Island plenty of white Britons have descended into anarchy and have assimilated into dysfunctional minority norms. A man named Jamie Cumming is about to father his 15th child to 13 different women. This is an example of the British underclass. Utter family breakdown, death of patriarchy and a tempestuous lifestyle.

Is the British upper-class any better? Not much. In fact if anything most upper-class liberal Europeans in the Anglosphere have been gleefully supporting the destruction of their home countries and the enable depravity whereon. These two pictures perhaps sum up the malaise inside.

The British underclass is a sad sight to behold. I’ve been thinking and these ideas may not be much but they are some options:

  • Adoption of British children whom have no homes and have suffered family collapse and provide them education, stability and most importantly a home. Perhaps far-right organizations such as the BNP and the EDL can start this process.
  • In the Jewish diaspora there were Jewish groups whom took care and looked out for fellow Jews. Perhaps a few nationalist British expat groups can do the same.

There is a flicker of hope. A couple of Englishmen are defending their country. Can the dead come back to life? Can Britain be restored? We’ll see.

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