Sexual assault statistics

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A recent article on Elevatorgate got me thinking about something I’ve been puzzling over for a while. Feminists like to claim that men are all sex-fiends, and masculinists claim that those women are just projecting, so the answer probably lies somewhere in-between.

On the one hand, the feminists rail about the underreporting of sexual assaults (including rape), but they expand the definition so far that I end up just rolling my eyes. On the other hand, some masculinists note that pretty girls are the least likely ones to complain about sexual assaults, and if they were so common then those women should have the most to complain about.

So, here’s my take on it:

  • The hotter the girl, the more desensitized she will be to sexual harassment and low-level sexual assault. Cat-calling, dirty jokes, random groping, stalking, getting jumped by her dates, general creepiness, etc. Women who aren’t used to receiving such negative attention are more likely to be upset by it (see Elevator Girl), but if you’ve had guys slobbering all over you since you were 12, you eventually come to expect it.
  • Which leads directly the effect that prettier women are more wary of men and less likely to engage in risky behavior. Some of the stuff other women do will strike them as completely insane.
  • Prettier women are more selective and choosy of their male company. Rather than jumping up and chasing after every “alpha” that comes by, they’re more likely to wait, scope him out thoroughly, or simply reject him outright.
  • Prettier women are much less likely to report a sexual assault. I know a lot of very pretty women, all of them have had numerous “reportable” episodes and not a single one of them has ever reported anything. Not only that, but I don’t think any of them have even considered reporting anything.

So my guess would be that pretty women under-report and less attractive women over-report. Because less attractive women are more numerous than pretty women, that indicates that the overall numbers are over-reported.

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