The Black Blogger and the Race Realist

Posted on August 22, 2011 by

There was an interesting development in the alternative right blogosphere last week. G.L. Piggy wrote about his troubling encounters with black people. Stop the presses! No, the interesting development was that a widely read black blog got the memo and decided to respond. In their post, The White Person’s Guide To Black People, part 5, the Very Smart Brothas confront a few of the stereotypes. After all he acknowledged and I concur, that black people are not oblivious to much of the dysfunction that is attributed to us as a group and it irritates us, too:

If you happened to eavesdrop on a random group of black people having a free-flowing conversation — and this conversation could take place anywhere; a family reunion, a happy hour, a game night, a cafeteria table, wherever — there’s a good chance that the discussion will eventually shift to our feelings about black people doing dumb-ass sh*t in public.

The topic might be something someone saw on the evening news. If at a restaurant, it might revolve around a woman near the entrance who’s dressed and acting a “hot ass mess.” It might just be our hilarious thoughts about the latest episode of Basketball Wives.

While they might seem innocuous and unnecessary, these frequent conversations about cringe-worthy sh*t committed by people of color all come from the same place, the same latent feeling that’s never actually spoken aloud but understood by each.

When this young man visited G.L.Piggy, he thought he was going to engage in a refreshing and honest conversation about race. Instead he ran smack dab into the rhetoric of the “race realists:”

I read it, expecting to see a continuation of the discussion we had the week before. Instead, I noticed a shift in tone and direction, as it subtly started to become a critique of “black culture” in general.

“But it is ridiculous to grant poor tippers some sort of deep philosophical justification for their cheapness and/or hostility towards (white) social norms of any sort.  The fact is that tipping is an American norm which means that black patrons who willingly flout it are free-riding on the rest of society.”

Curious where this discussion was headed, I decided to stick around and read the comments.