Are men sexual hypocrites?

Posted on August 24, 2011 by

Continued from the previous thread on Rahab. The final comment was from me:

The point is that I don’t claim to prefer tall men because their heads are closer to the heavens, or anything. Younger, hotter, tighter is fine with me, but please stop pretending that this is because men care so much about the morality of it. They want to be there first, is all.

Most men, even most Christian men, don’t care about chastity as a religious principle. We know this because they are not chaste themselves. I would love it if they started to care, but I will believe their story when they learn to keep their own pants on, and not before. If there’s one thing that drives virginal young women crazy, it is all of the men who insist that they want to marry a virgin and then try to jump them the minute they get alone. It’s endemic, so we’d like the hypocrisy to stop.

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