Old People Suck

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In celebration of the public realization that Boomer retirements are one of the main drains on the stock market, I offer you a rerun of one of my most popular articles.

Native Decline

Although TTH concentrated on the new Census data’s finding that whites are declining as a percentage of the population at a faster rate than previously expected (they’ll be a minority by 2019), I found the following from the NYT article she linked to:

The population of white children fell by 4.3 million, or about 10 percent, in the last decade, while the population of Hispanic and Asian children grew by 5.5 million, or about 38 percent, according to the report, which was based on 2010 Census numbers.The number of African-American children also fell, down by 2 percent. Over all, minorities now make up 46.5 percent of the under-18 population.

That’s right. Both white people and black people are declining as a percentage of the population. I have suspected as much for a while now, and I think that the black population is being buoyed by immigration.

This decline can be explained with one simple chart:

You can see the enormous impact immigration is having on our population by looking at the bottom half of the chart, where men outnumber women only among Hispanics. That’s right. The demographic effects of immigration are so immense that they alter the pyramid chart of an over 300 million person country.

So what does this mean?

What this means is that the Asian and Hispanic populations (which are younger than the white and black populations, and growing rather than shrinking) will rise in political power, while the white and black populations will be dominated by people who are primarily interested in not changing anything, not judging anyone, and not risking anything.

This is because of the political nature of aging. Aristotle writes about it in The Rhetoric:

The character of Elderly Men — men who are past their prime — may be said to be formed for the most part of elements that are the contrary of all these. They have lived many years; they have often been taken in, and often made mistakes; and life on the whole is a bad business. The result is that they are sure about nothing and under-do everything. They “think,” but they never “know”; and because of their hesitation they always add a “possibly” or a “perhaps,” putting everything this way and nothing positively.

They are cynical; that is, they tend to put the worse construction on everything. Further, their experience makes them distrustful and therefore suspicious of evil. Consequently they neither love warmly nor hate bitterly, but following the hint of Bias they love as though they will some day hate and hate as though they will some day love. They are small-minded, because they have been humbled by life: their desires are set upon nothing more exalted or unusual than what will help them to keep alive. They are not generous, because money is one of the things they must have, and at the same time their experience has taught them how hard it is to get and how easy to lose.

They are cowardly, and are always anticipating danger; unlike that of the young, who are warm-blooded, their temperament is chilly; old age has paved the way for cowardice; fear is, in fact, a form of chill. They love life; and all the more when their last day has come, because the object of all desire is something we have not got, and also because we desire most strongly that which we need most urgently. They are too fond of themselves; this is one form that small-mindedness takes. Because of this, they guide their lives too much by considerations of what is useful and too little by what is noble — for the useful is what is good for oneself, and the noble what is good absolutely.

They are not shy, but shameless rather; caring less for what is noble than for what is useful, they feel contempt for what people may think of them. They lack confidence in the future; partly through experience — for most things go wrong, or anyhow turn out worse than one expects; and partly because of their cowardice. They live by memory rather than by hope; for what is left to them of life is but little as compared with the long past; and hope is of the future, memory of the past. This, again, is the cause of their loquacity; they are continually talking of the past, because they enjoy remembering it.

Their fits of anger are sudden but feeble. Their sensual passions have either altogether gone or have lost their vigour: consequently they do not feel their passions much, and their actions are inspired less by what they do feel than by the love of gain. Hence men at this time of life are often supposed to have a self-controlled character; the fact is that their passions have slackened, and they are slaves to the love of gain. They guide their lives by reasoning more than by moral feeling; reasoning being directed to utility and moral feeling to moral goodness. If they wrong others, they mean to injure them, not to insult them.

Old men may feel pity, as well as young men, but not for the same reason. Young men feel it out of kindness; old men out of weakness, imagining that anything that befalls any one else might easily happen to them, which, as we saw, is a thought that excites pity. Hence they are querulous, and not disposed to jesting or laughter — the love of laughter being the very opposite of querulousness.

This is all true. This is the general character of the elderly (Aristotle describes this group as 50+), and I see it swamping our national politics. We can see precisely this tendency of the elderly in a recent comment left on my blog:

Hi Alte,

I’m 50. In fact my oldest kid is only four years younger than you. If I think about [a reader we’ll call] John — in high school (excluding the theological differences) — some of the things he is writing about are still theoretical.

The older I get, the more I enjoy the unfashionable parts of our faith. Job. The psalms of Lament. Jeremiah. Jesus at his most challenging.

The other thing that has happened is that I have become much less judgmental. I have good friends who are in recovery from opiates and drink and drug too much, who are gay and lesbian, who are living together. I’m now aware as to how scarred I am, and how easily I can end up giving into my carnal desires.

At John’s age I was relying on Schaeffer, some faith, and the Westminster Confession. I pray that you all deepen in faith within the true church as the years mount.

Screw the little children

The natives’ future is not “the young” like John, who are so completely outnumbered that they can only scream in frustration on the Internet, play X-box in apathy, or masturbate to porn. It is “the elderly”, who see Daegus as a threat and not a resource. Who just want him to stop complaining and do as he’s told, like a good boy. Who don’t want him to get righteously angry or feel passionate about anything because that might lead him to question the status quo, demand change, and to back his demands with the threat of violence.

Old people suck because they claim moral rectitude when all they have is moral sloth. They don’t care about anything because they won’t be here to suffer the consequences of their own actions or lack of action, and they love their progeny so little that they can’t be motivated to act in their offsprings’ favor at their own expense. Old people don’t want reform — or God forbid, revolution — because they just want stasis until they die, at which point they won’t care because they’ll be dead.

So much for Churchian hypocrisy, and the Golden Rule. Why can’t you understand that we’re motivated to change things because we still have something to lose? Why can’t you give a damn about someone other than yourselves and something other than your retirement portfolio? Why do you keep lecturing us to just “bend over and take it”, while you sit in luxury and reminisce about how everything was better… until you screwed it up? Why do you seem oblivious to the fact that one of the things we’re most worried about is how we’re going to take care of all of you?

The natives are so screwed, it isn’t even funny. A society dominated by a bunch of old people is doomed. The elderly will drain the country while lecturing the young to “be nice”, as the looters and conquerors pour over the border, and the slovenly and promiscuous roam the streets. I’ll be seeing you in Aztlan. For now… I’ll go brush up on my Spanish.