Sir, will you please take my vote?

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A comment worthy of a second look

The Deuce has written the following:

Voting should be tied to responsibilities.

When you get right down to it, there is absolutely no practical argument for womens’ suffrage. The only argument for it is an idealistic one: the idea that all people have some inherent “right” to vote, regardless of how foolishly they do so.

But the concept of an inherent right to vote makes no sense. For one thing, it’s not something that people inherently possess. Voting requires the existence of a democratic government that permits it. Shall we say that God was violating humankind’s right to vote for all those millenia, because he created man without a democratic government?

The Founding Fathers understood that voting was not a natural right, but just a practical measure to protect our genuine natural rights – life, liberty, property, speech, worship, self-defense, etc. Ideally, the only people who should vote are responsible individuals who understand and will protect our genuine rights, and who are invested in society’s future well-being. That’s why they originally limited the vote to land-owning men who had a good number of years of experience. These were guys who had demonstrated their responsibility economically, had gained some wisdom, and who were invested in the future of the country.

Women have consistently used their so-called “right” to vote to grow the size of the government and increasingly strip the entire population of their *true* God-given rights. They have consistently voted to rob productive men of the fruits of their labor and to redistribute them to themselves. They have consistently voted for policies that destroy the family, robbing themselves of the chance for fulfillment in motherhood and depriving themselves of decent husbands.

And all this societal devastation and violation of rights for what? So that women can feel all good about themselves that they get to stand in a line and punch holes in a card every two years?

You don’t fool me for a minute, girlfriend.

I am in complete agreement, and I couldn’t have put it better myself.

Women like to redefine rights: voting, health care, education, career, pensions, welfare, abortion, reproduction, moral license, etc. Everything they want, they relabel a “right”. That way their greed and narcissism can be displayed as an act of justice prevailing: I’m just fighting for my rights. No, you are not. You are not fighting for rights, but for entitlements, privileges, and even the ability to behave sinfully with impunity.

Girly politics suck

Not only do most women abuse their voting privileges, the women’s vote has feminized politics, and left us to choose the lesser of two evils when selecting a candidate to support. Instead of tackling national solvency, streamlining the education of children (through vouchers, for instance), building a strong national defense (rather than a bloated and corrupted one), and reforming our entitlement programs… politicians focus on “women’s issues”, which center around power and money-grabs for women. We can’t tackle the national debt because then our welfare programs would get the chop. We can’t streamline education because the woman-dominated teacher’s union won’t stand for it. We can’t make our fighting troops more efficient and effective because women want to hang out on naval ships. We can’t reform social security or public health insurance because women are the main consumers of those products, and women have the majority of the vote.

This is not just an act of mental masturbation

Is an end to universal suffrage a mere fantasy, or could it one day become reality? That depends. Despots tend to promote female enfranchisement because they know women crave tyrants, and will therefore gleefully vote them into office. Let’s see if the men are again willing to let a tyrant gain power, on the women’s vote, or if they finally decide to put the political farce to an end.

Now, you may say, “But I’m a woman, and I vote responsibly.” Yes, it is the same with me. But I am still cognizant of the fact that most women brandish their ballot as a weapon, and are therefore unfit to have it. As there is no discernible benefit from women voting, and much grief has been caused by it, responsible women should give up their vote for the good of all. No one will be worse off for this tiny sacrifice, and many will benefit from it.

If that golden moment should one day arrive, I pledge here and now: I will vote to have them take away my vote. And I will be grateful. If you think that is crazy, then you are underestimating the gravity of the situation. Either women lose the vote, or we lose our country to civil war. We will not be able to reform our decadent and decaying society peacefully, as long as women hold the balance of political power. As reform or revolution is unavoidable, we should take this very seriously, and act responsibly.

You see, the debate about female suffrage is not about rights. It is about doing what is right.