What I have learned from the Manosphere

Posted on August 28, 2011 by

It seems as if Roissy rules the Christian wing of the Manosphere. When I first discovered this man and his pornographic screeds, I was a bit grossed out and then quickly bored. Women are bitches and hoes might seem like a revelation to some, but to me it was just a continuation of the truisms that I’d been fed from a relatively young age. It was a description of the worst of female behavior, and an instruction booklet for how to deal with such behavior by acting like the worst sort of man.

Do the things that Roissy writes work? Yes, they do, more or less. Are they true? Hm… they are true, but they are not the whole truth. What Roissy describes is rhetoric, the art of persuasion and manipulation. This is a tool that can be used for good or evil, and is therefore largely neutral (and we all know what he’s using it for). But what Roissy fails to describe are ethics, the art of right-thinking. What is the use in being able to bend women to your will when your ends are wicked?

Christian men claim that Roissy “opened their eyes” to the truth that women are not higher, perfect beings. This is an astounding claim for men who purport to be readers of the Good Book. How can anyone read the Bible without understanding that both men and women are inherently flawed with Original Sin and are only saved from eternal damnation through the power of the Holy Spirit? Are you reading the same book I’m reading? Are you reading it at all?

Or are you just reading the obscene stories of the type of women who have scorned you being humiliated and demeaned by a man you would never let into your home? Is that the Bible for our times? A tale of bitterness, hate, and revenge? Nihilism, hedonism, and misanthropy?

If the Manosphere has taught me anything, it is that the men and women of this civilization completely deserve each other. Enjoy the decline.

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