The chastity spread

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Okay, last one on this topic for a while. I think we’ve pretty much exhausted it, and it’s a depressing subject for everyone.

In a previous thread, a reader commented:

What I don’t get is how Americans, those serious, competent people of my boyhood, turned into such extreme libertines.

I’d say the single biggest change is the “chastity spread”. I.e. the average age of first sexual intercourse in comparison to the average age of first marriage. It’s around 15 years now (similar if you take the median), and that means everyone’s pretty worn-out and jaded by the time they get married (if they ever do). I was saved from the worst of that simply by marrying early and cutting the time in half.

Furthermore, the statistics show that it is not only Americans, but also Europeans (longer gap due to later marriage) and Australians (longer gap due to earlier sexual intercourse and later marriage). Furthermore, there is much evidence to point out that American women are not particularly promiscuous in comparison to their OECD counterparts.

The main difference between Americans and everyone else is that Americans make a bigger deal about it. This reflects my own personal experience, with Americans being the only people I know who ever discuss chastity or virginity with any seriousness.

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