Big Bundle of Links

Posted on September 7, 2011 by

This post is just a big bundle of links that I’ve found useful over the years grouped by subject. Feel free add to your own favorites.

GOVERNMENT /POLITICS Not that I’m particularly left wing in most cases. Boo to this site for support of illegal immigration. Yay to this site for comprehensive coverage from the defense side of things of the criminal justice system. This site supported DSK and the Duke Lacrosse team, among others. Pretty darn critical of Obama on a constant basis too, though one of the two main bloggers does recommend holding your nose and voting for him again. : Probably no better site for keeping one updated on what the government, any government is up to. Provided you are appropriately skeptical this can be a good site full of useful information and perspectives. The “official” libertarian perspective. Not skeptical enough of unrestrained capitalism, but very pro-civil-liberties and very consistent about that in a manner that neither mainstream left or the mainstream right can match. The evil US agency that collects your blood… er, tribute… er, taxes. But at least they make it somewhat easier on you by putting the forms and help online and you can even efile. Coverage of the housing bubble in easy to understand language by someone who predicted it. Focusing mostly on the California market, however many posts talk about the nation as a whole and the world/national economy. “Real Homes of Genius” is a funny /sad feature on overpriced real estate. : In the United States some things are still done on the up and up. Find out how y our congressfiend or other representative voted , and hold his or her feet to the fire! This is a very useful site to cut through bullcrap in US elections. The official USA government portal. Most countries have one, locate yours! This gives you access to all sorts of goodies such as forms, faqs, contact information, online complaint capabilities, information retrieval, and ways to order things from the US government.

Experts and Debunkers

The following sites are useful for asking questions about rumors, science, etc. : I started reading Cecil when I was about 20, and haven’t stopped since. : Anyone who isn’t checking out Snopes when they get something worrisome in their email box is a fool. Also known as Urban Legends reference pages. : Want to see who is funding who? This site is one of the first places to go.


Scientific and learning websites mostly focusing on science news or self education, with a few computer sites thrown in. : I go here nearly every day. Alas, I don’t work as a scientist, but I am a fanboy. : Get your science supplies here.
Or here : Have Ms Spears give you a tutorial in basic semiconductor physics. Ok, you would do best to have some basic calculus. And Ms. Spears mostly just models..but hey, Britney Spears! You can also read about Ms Hedy Lamarr , a woman who was both beautiful AND smart. : No, you can’t learn lab intensive stuff at home. But you’d be surprised what you CAN learn. : A slightly different focus, a bit easier, but more subjects overall and still tons of stuff to learn. Gals and guys: I recommend math, something practical like electronics, and something of an agricultural nature. As for the rest let your own interests guide you. Will help you calculate or find out just about anything that can be described by numbers. : Here, one might find out about the latest hacker attacks. Covers lots of computer technology, but also the politics behind the technology. : geek central : The whiny feminist take about why the Menz are all so mean and don’t want the girlies in their geeky cardboard spaceship (geek boys don’t build treehouses)

A FEW OTHER PLACES : Yes, I like this. Mad science! Cute girls! Both girls and guys given respect and taking their lumps instead of the male always being the butt of abuse or jokes. Royalty! Steampunk! Love! Did I mention mad science? : Optimistic future tech blog. : Doom! Gloom! Ok, a bit simplistic. Mostly pessimistic site but people who put up posts there have all sorts of expertise related to energy or science and they do investigate such things as solar power satellites. A few of the commenters are optimistic. Others make James Kunstler look like Happy Santa.