The Red Pill is that there is no Red Pill

Posted on September 9, 2011 by

There’s no silver bullet or easy solution to the problems modern living causes with health, diet and lifestyle. The cult of atomicity is very seductive, implying that adopting this or that component will paper over any problems. Breast milk becomes magical and capable of making up for poor parenting in other areas. “Paleo” or “ancestral” eating becomes a fix for sedentary jobs’ effects on health. Staying at home papers over the lack of options to manage the stress of a consumption-driven, post-industrial economic model.

It was not magically perfect in the past, but there were some good ideas that are being stripped of the context that made them good ideas and then presented as whole things that can exist without the helping context.

All of which is just to say that it’s hard to get away from the atomic society.

Anyway, it’s not stupid to eat simple food prepared simply, or make a house a home, or feed your kid the food your body makes by default. But it is questionable to atomicize these things, and I am learning not to. It’s a hard process though.

But the Christian, unlike the secular individual trapped in atomicity, can return to the Truth, which is that we exist in community, not as atoms, and we worship a God that dwells in Tripartite community, Three-in-One.  It would be far more difficult to recognise the false clarity of ‘red pill’ thinking as misleading without that foundation.  The fact is that “red pill” approaches to ordinary, historical human practices such as breastfeeding and home making are stealthy paths to self-as-god idolatry.

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