Should Christians Kiss Dating Goodbye?

Posted on September 13, 2011 by

In the comments section of  Reducing the Deficit of Trust, reader Chris offered an interesting thought concerning whether dating is an acceptable way for Christian singles to connect. His asserted that dating should not occur. His comment was followed up by this comment from another reader:

“…in the real world, those who “kiss dating goodbye” almost invariably end up never marrying. The no-dating movement brought real pain to myself and a lot of others. I shred the no-dating madness at an old post here…”

I shared in the comments section of that thread that my daughter, after reading Joshua Harris’ book I Kissed Dating Goodbye, had come to the conclusion that dating was not under any circumstances, a good way to meet and land a husband. Her statement alarmed me to tell you the truth.And  I say this as one who also read the book and found it very helpful for teens but not necessarily for young adults.

Given that many of us are parents, I felt this was worthy of discussion.

To date or not to date? And if the answer is “not to date”, then what are the alternatives and what do they look like, practically speaking? Keep in mind that there is a movement of sorts in fundamentalist circles surrounding this so it’s not as foreign as it may sound to many.

I repeat: I am not referring to teenagers here, but self-controlled Christian young adults interested in marriage.


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