Is curvy making a comeback?

Posted on September 23, 2011 by

(And now for something completely frivolous, pointless, and self-serving.)

Curvy is not the same thing as fat, although they seem the same to most women and some men. The curvy refers to a narrow waist and rounded breasts and behind, not to belly rolls. Being a rather curvy woman, I’ve been tormented by this fact since puberty. Everyone thinks I’m fat, even though I’m not. I’m described as “stocky”, “wide”, “heavy set”, “big boned”, “large”, etc. and none of it is true. I’m just curvy. Really. The difference is hard to explain, but easy to see. If you’re not blind.

If there’s one thing that I’m very grateful to women like Christina Hendricks, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Scarlett Johanson, Salma Hayek, Shakira, Kate Winslet, and Beyoncé Knowles for, it’s their dedicated efforts to bring curvy back. All of the ranting on the interwebs about them being fat should just be ignored. These women are not fat. They’re phat. All y’all Old School Folks know what I mean by that.

I’m not quite sure what has sparked this media change, other than perhaps a browning of the male population, but I do know that I’m glad that it has changed. It’s a change for the better. There’s nothing wrong with being slender, but there’s nothing wrong with being curvy either.

Now pass me another cupcake.

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