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We women are master complainers. Not that men don’t complain, but we have raised it to the level of an art. That’s just the truth, and I am not eliminating myself from that assessment as if I’m a special snowflake.

Even when everything in our life is going well, we can usually find a reason to express discontent. We seem perpetually plagued by the problem that has no name. For many married women, the absence of a name for their problem means that their problem must be their husband. If only he would change, do better, be better, or even leave already, their problems would magically disappear.

Did you know that the national media recently celebrated and publicized a blog dedicated solely to women’s complaints about their husbands? Well it’s true.Women from around the world wide web submit their complaints and I guess they commiserate and compare battle scars. I’ve only read one post on the site and it was more than enough for me.The husband of its author calls it a “tribute to all husbands.” Let that marinate for a minute before we continue. Yeah, that’s what I thought.

In any event, one need not visit that blog to hear a wife complain about her husband. Just get together in a room full of married women and it won’t be long before one gets the ball rolling. Complaining is contagious. Actually most of what women decide to do when we get together tends to be contagious. Which brings me to why your wife needs to read this blog.

Rather than go on and on about how annoying our husband are, here we praise them and discuss ways we can be better wives. Recount how much they deserve the best we have to offer them in every area of the relationship. And yes, the conversation gets a bit racy at times, but we always hammer home the importance of maintaining Christian standards of sex, chastity and marriage for the unmarried who stumble upon this site.

Here are just a few things your wife will gain from a visit to this virtual coffee house:

  • The understanding that she only benefits when she accepts her role as first officer, and allows you to be the Captain of your familial ship. Not to mention that she obeys God when she does so.
  • That sending you private, risqué text messages in the middle of the day is a great way to take the edge off of a long day and build anticipation for when you see each other again.
  • That you spend your day out slaying dragons on her behalf and the family’s as a unit. You don’t view your job as an escape from home life.
  • That she should appreciate you, and show it.
  • That she should show it with regular, enthusiastic, and fun sexual affection.
  • That she should show it by taking the time to find out what you like to see her wearing and dress accordingly.
  • That she should make an effort to stay in shape and understand that it’s not an assault on her person-hood that this requires her to skip dessert.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Lest the more sensitive husband worries that we are attempting to mold his wife into a Stepford-style automaton of a woman, rest easy. We are women, after all, and as such we sometimes complain offer counsel to one another on the difficulties that arise in even the best of marriages. But the difference here is that somehow, some way, it always comes back around to “Shut your complaining, make the best of it. Remember that you have a good man so go make love to him, and then have a nice, long talk about it.”  In other words, the kind of counsel can only serve to make things better in the long run.

These are just a few of things your wife can gain from a visit to our blog. There is a heavy emphasis on being a good wife. It goes without saying sir, that this means there is much for you to gain, too. Consider this our official invitation to your wife to join the conversation.

Gratuitous caveat:Please be advised that there are risks involved whenever you take marriage advice from unlicensed anonymous third-parties.  We are not marriage counselors and are keenly aware that some marriage problems are beyond the scope of our experience and “expertise”. The author of this blog post shall not be liable for any claims for injuries 😉 , or damages whatsoever, resulting from or connected with the use of this site. We further disclaim any liability caused by intentional or unintentional negligence.

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