Outnumbered Yes, But There Have Always Been Female Anti-Misandrists

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I ran into a fascinating blog this week, The Unknown History of Misandry.  The most fascinating page on the site to me by far is the documented history of female writers, legislators, and judges who were actively working to stop the spread of legally supported misandry as far back as the 1920’s. I am still searching the site but I found that page interesting because it revealed the truth: that there have always been a remnant of women who understood instinctively and intellectually that feminism was destructive.

This excerpt from an article written in 1925 on the subject of alimony demonstrates that the arguments we hear today concerning the insidious nature of feminism are nothing new:

Investigation of the merits of some married women with children, in spite of the sentiment about mothers, would put them into a classification with the childless women who want alimony for its spending sake. They are women who would stick to their husbands and give their children undivided homes and parentage if the alimony prospects were less bright. But with the mother love sentiment what it is, it would be a most unpopular move to suggest that the mother share halt the expense of raising the children. Not even in an era when the mother is permitted to take every other advantage of equal rights would the idea be tolerated.

There’s no doubt in my mind that children are not infrequently used by unscrupulous wives and mothers to extract excess alimony that they may have more to spend on themselves. All mothers are not what they ought to be, unhappily. But perhaps this world sentiment toward mothers is too fine a thing to let the illusion be crippled by those who take advantage of it. They are in the minority among mothers ‘tis true.

Why an able bodied female should want to live off the bounty of a man for whom she has no further use as a companion I cannot see. Such women are usually able bodied individuals, too – the kind that want their cake after they have eaten it, the kind who’ll run a man into jail if he doesn’t keep them in the luxuries they’ve been accustomed to.

In a study of court records Judge Strong finds that there are 20 separation suits started to every divorce. “Women only want alimony,” the judge comments “They tire of their husbands, get rid of them, but still hold out their hands for cash.” They become a parasitic class.

“In this enlightened day,” he adds “when the sexes are supposed to be equal, I do not believe that childless women should receive alimony. Women today err as much as, and in many cases more than, men.” [Doris Blake, “Ban on Alimony for Childless Wife is Approved,” Chicago Daily Tribune (Il.), Oct. 6, 1925, p. 21]

Who was it that said there is nothing new under the sun? Oh yes, I believe that was King Solomon.

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