No Apologies For Being A Woman

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In a recent exchange on Dalrock’s most excellent blog, a commenter took to crticizing the female contributors of Traditional Christianity for, among other things:

the solipsistic discussions in the comment threads about your butts, breastmilk, cooking, the supposed awesomeness of your marital sex lives etc.

I offered a response there but said commenter touched on something that I thought was worth discussing here. This is a part of my initial response:

I will not apologize for talking with other women about the things women talk about when they gather. We do that. But more importantly, we talk about the things women should talk about but don’t. Seriously, we gush over our husbands and how much we love them, yes. We compare recipes and talk breastfeeding, yes. If that bothers you I think there’s actually a breastfeeding post pending, LOL. And yes, we discuss our struggles to stay in shape- for our MEN.

The real deal here is that you have concluded that women, all women, are the enemy. And I don’t think we should attempt to be men when we write or comment. We were born female through no fault of our own, sir. There is no reason why we should have to attempt to present a unisex persona in order to be accepted by men who may read our stuff when we have clearly shown that we are fighting for the same values.

There are men like Dalrock, Athol, Ulysses, Elusive Wapiti etc. writing great stuff with a distinctly masculine flavor. Two of the aforementioned have contributed posts over at TC.

[The comments] do tend to get girly but there are still a number of men who comment regularly. But even  if the blog is girly, no matter so long as its smart and we stick to our principles.

Aren’t you tired of a world where women are trying to be like men? I know I am.

We have a large male readership because we talk about topics that interest men more than women much of the time (economics, politics, the real issues behind the gender wars, etc.). But we are not strangers to anyone in this corner of the ‘net. Most of the female writers were already on the blogrolls of many male/alternative right bloggers. Given the extensive writings offered on “the nature of women”, our comment threads shouldn’t be a surprise or offense to most of our readers.

I think our feminine nature is a net positive to these discussions rather than a negative and I appreciate the support we have received from Ulysses,  Dalrock, Ferdinand, and other male bloggers who don’t mind cooperating with like-minded women.

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