News Roundup

Posted on October 2, 2011 by

Most of the news this week was economic, but there was plenty of that to go around.

  • BOA and now Citigroup are instating a $5/month debit card fee, which applies as soon as the card is used once per month. This is a fee targeting the less-wealthy, who don’t have credit cards or are attempting to avoid the slide into the debt-trap. Why is anyone still banking with these people, in the first place?
  • Occupy Wall Street protests are spreading across the country, resulting in mass arrests of the youthful unemployed, hippie homemakers, and aging retirees for the crime of “blocking traffic”.
  • Slut walks break out again in Brooklyn, after sluts become enraged when warned of a serial rapist targeting women in “easy access” clothing.
  • Troy Davis is apparently soon to be canonized. Whoever he is.
  • A consumer debt jubilee begins in Greece. Reset, bitchez!
  • The US kills some American dude who says bad stuff in Arabic and Bernanke launches his own spy agency to seek out the dangerous people who write stuff like “Bernanke launches his own spy agency”.
  • Germany dishes out way more cash from its retirement funds to save banksters. Germans don’t want this, but who cares? What is this, a democracy?
  • Warren Buffet refuses to endorse the tax proposal named after himself.
  • Rich people beg Chris Christie to run for office. He declines. So far.
  • Some hot brown woman in California pulls the state out of the mortgage relief deal.