The coolest lunchbox ever

Posted on October 5, 2011 by

We’re a bento family. I know you never suspected it, but my son was underweight and we started getting desperate. Two years later, I can assure you: if you put it in a bento box, they’ll at least taste it. There’s something about the little rectangles that makes everything so appetizing. Also, the number of compartments keeps you from degrading down to PB&J.

We use Laptop Lunchboxes (trigger warning: gratuitous food porn), and those suckers are indestructible and very practical. Nothing gets smushed, nothing gets thrown away, and everything reusable makes it home again. They’re great for portion-control if you’re on a diet, they’re a good way to pack snacks for long car rides (they were a lifesaver when stuck in a three-hour traffic jam), and they make low-carb lunches more appealing. Who needs bread when you have boxes?

Some examples of lunches I pack for my son:

  • Salami/swiss roll-ups, mixed nuts with raisins, carrot sticks, stuffed olives
  • Cucumber sushi rolls, cherry tomatoes, celery sticks, ham cubes
  • Peeled hard-boiled eggs, leftover whole-grain noodles with shredded parmesan and sliced black olives, cucumber pickles (I pat them dry on a towel), bell pepper spears with humus dip
  • Roast beef wrapped around cucumber spears, radishes, a banana (I take out half the compartments, and it gets there unbruised)
  • Greek yogurt, müsli (he mixes it there), steamed broccoli, chicken leg
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