Uglify your wife

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Continuing from a previous thread:

every time i meet a guy who says he likes a girl who doesn’t wear a lot of make-up (or any at all, lol), without fail, he’ll point to the one girl in the room who’s spent the most time doing her make-up and be like, “like her.”

This. I think some women are kidding themselves with the “I’m so beautiful that I don’t need makeup” thing. Even models wear makeup because there’s always room for improvement. And… yeah… those same guys will flock to the chicks with their faces painted. I’ve had guys complain that I “don’t need makeup” when I wear red lipstick, but the only thing I’ve done differently is to change the color of my makeup, not the amount of it. And it’s like… okay, you come over here to complain about my makeup and how much you hate makeup, but there are women in the room without any makeup on and you’re ignoring them. *roll eyes* Par for the course.

Male hamsters. Men all supposedly hate it when women wear makeup and pretty clothes, but they react to it just the same. Women wouldn’t do it if men didn’t actually like it, as it would be a waste of time and money.

And we shouldn’t discount the fact that men tend to “uglify” their women, so that other men won’t find them attractive. They tell them, “Honey, you look so beautiful with your frumpy hairdo, your jeans jumper, and those sexy Birkenstocks. Your face doesn’t need makeup, and you look just fine with those extra 80 pounds.” LOL Most of those women are plain and their husbands make them even plainer.

Men who marry attractive women don’t seem to have the same tendency, or at least not to the same extent, as men who are insecure avoid the attractive ones because they don’t want the competition. I know men dating or married to really attractive women, and they all like for their women to dress up nicely, maintain their weight, and put on some makeup. The more beautiful she is, the more they like it. True story.

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