Are men morally superior?

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Continuing from a previous thread-derailment:

You seem to be implying that women are more burdened by temptations to sin than men are and therefore need extra guidance/direction/supervision than a man. Does anything in Catholic theology support that conclusion?

Not for the former, but for the latter. Men are supposed to be the spiritual leaders (which they are currently failing royally at), but women being more amoral than men does not imply that they are more immoral than men. That would be like saying that children are more immoral than adults, or that mentally disabled people are more immoral than the sane. Difficulty in understanding the rules does not absolve you from following them once you understand them.

For all of their spiritual leadership, I have yet to see that man are any more virtuous than women. They wax eloquent of their moral superiority and then run out and debase themselves. That actually makes them hypocrites, which was something Jesus had a particular dislike for.

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