Representing the Master

Posted on November 18, 2011 by

I live in Southern California.  Land of flowers, fruits, waves and … well, everything under the sun.  People are occasionally surprised by one odd aspect of Californian life … we advertise.  We advertise what we are, what group we are part of, and we advertise it *heavily*.  This runs the gamut from gang sign to choice of sexuality to how much money you have in the bank.

I realise that if I’m going to advertise my Christianity by slapping fish stickers on my bumper, I’d better follow all the traffic laws – or I’m misrepresenting my God.  If I put a cross around my neck in the morning – I’d better have a smile on my face and a helpful attitude for the folks I come across.  This representation might not matter somewhere else where there were lots of commited Christians, but I live in a land of “anything goes”.  It’s part of my duty to stand straight and show the world what being a Christian is about – or just stay home.

Every time you walk out your door as a Christian you are witnessing, wil-ye, nil-ye.  Best make what you’re saying the right things – because the world *is* watching.

And that’s the point of my blogging, or having an internet existence.  I know a lot of folks who read this aren’t Christian.  And maybe you think that my life is easy or I’m a little dense or … any number of things really, whatever reason you give for my acceptance of Jesus Christ as my Savior and Lord.  But I’m here to be real for you.  To tell you about how my walk with God works, and how it doesn’t work.  To let you come with me when I’m weak and scared and fearful and angry – and show you what the other side of that is.

I strive to represent my Lord well every day.  It’s not about skirt length – I sit like a boy and I hate pants – thus long skirts.  It’s not about hair length – I’ve wanted long hair since … forever. I love doing June Cleavery stuff because I do.  None of that is Christianity.

Representing is praying for your enemies or the person who cuts you off in traffic.   Representing is being chill when there’s a long line instead of swearing at the sales clerk.  Representing… do you think they’re not watching?  They are… they are.  And they will watch you fall (they’ve watched me!) and they will watch to see what you do when you pick yourself back up and go back to your Lord.

Be real.  Be honest.  And show who you *really* are… a child of the King.