The Nature of Reality

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I don’t think anyone really believes that this (waves vaguely at the physical) is the true reality.  The physicists can prove, evidently, that we live in a virtual simulation.  Our Bibles tell us that we wrestle not with flesh and blood.  Our myths tell us that there are those who are other.  Our very bones tell us that this (waves again) isn’t “it”.

We know this … we fear this… we refuse to act on this… we yearn for this.  It makes us fools.

On the one hand, our souls tell us that we are eternal beings, destined for something more than these tents made of flesh.  So some refuse this knowledge and behave as if existence ends with the last breath.  The others act as if they’ve already been given the gift of full power and sight.  Some blind themselves, and some run through fields of razor blades with no way of seeing where they step.

We act as if the acts of our bodies stop with our bodies.  We put too much importance on some things and entirely too little on others.  Did not our Lord Himself say that it isn’t what we put in our mouths that makes us sinful, but what comes out?

Humans are idiots.

If it’s true that we are more than what we can see, it’s time that we started acting like it.  With MUCH fear and trembling, as behooves those who walk with dimmest sight through a minefield.  What we do hear matters more than we know.  What we say, how we shape our characters, what we feed our minds, the hungers we choose to encourage.  We cannot yet see, do not yet have the power that we will someday have.  On that hand, we should be terribly afraid, for we have powerful enemies, skilled in setting traps and snares, who hate us more than we can imagine.  On the other, those of us who are Christians should have courage, for greater is He who is within us than he who is in the world.

I think the answer lies in acknowledging that this tent of flesh comes with an old nature and has been imbued with the new.  Encouraging the new, starving the old.  Knowing that our works of righteousness are as filthy rags – so our job is to get out of the way and let Him who is within us work through us.  Let Him make of us what only He can see that we already are.  Resting in Him in our spirits, resting in His Peace – and working with our hands.

Listening and obeying. If He tells us to do something… do it.  If He tells us to stay away from something, stay away.   Truly, we’ve been given a guide that we agree is able to see what we do not see and who loves us… why are we such fools to leave His side?  If we feel impelled to do something that doesn’t disagree with His written Word, then do it.  If we are pulled to do something outside of His Word – don’t.  Because we know that our enemy has a whispering campaign unequaled.

The stories that we’ve written, the fables and the myths… they tell us something true about reality.  They tell us of angels entertained unaware, beings that can never be trusted, women stolen as brides to beasts, evil and good.  We ignore them, we *change* them, at our peril.

And yet our changes tell us much of what is going on in our own souls.  A creator can create nothing that does not mirror some part of himself.  Our Creator created us to mirror a microscopically small bit of Himself, our creations tell others of us.  What are we telling others?  What reality do we create?  Ugliness?  Beauty?  Redefinitions of ugliness as beauty?

This reality is so much more than what we can see.  We are so much more than we can understand.  We do so much more – and so much less! – than we know.

One day our eyes will be opened, new senses given to us, we will be given the bodies that we were always meant to live in.

And some of us will take those bodies into eternity as part of the Bride of the Creator (whimpering awestruck concept if you allow yourself to contemplate it) and some will take those deathless bodies into an eternity without Him.  All of *that* determined by the choices we make now.  All the rewards *there* determined by the choices we make now.  And we know this, we hear this… and we turn our faces away and pretend that this flesh is all that there is.

Humans really are stupid.

This is *not* all that there is.

When will we start acting like that’s really true?

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