Is Game Compatible with Christianity?

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Game means different things to different people.  Some describe it as
simply masculine behaviors that are attractive to women while others take
it more seriously.

Roissy is a popular Game blogger and Pick-up Artist who has created
“maxims” around  the philosophy of Game.  I will list a few of them that
are compatible with a Christian world view and then list a few that
conflict with the Christian world view.

Acceptable Roissy Maxims:

Maxim #1a: *Women desire men of better quality than themselves.*
(This is generally true.  Women want a man they can admire and trust to
lead the family)

Maxim #2: *Women are turned on by displays of male power.*
(This is true if the male power is displayed in the right context. Silly
macho behavior can seem try-hard)

Maxim #27: *If you want a wife, stay clear of investing much in girls who
constantly remind you they like to have “fun, fun, fun” and “get bored
(The proverbs 31 woman was no party girl)

Maxim #33: *Women need to test men for their grace under pressure.*
(A man who can keep his cool shows he has mastery over himself)

Maxim #60: *Waving a roll of benjamins at a woman will not give her
tingles. In fact, it will often do the opposite.*
(Showing off your wealth is tacky)

Problematic Roissy Maxims:

Maxim #8: *Always assume she is a slut. It helps kick the legs out from
under the pedestal you will be tempted to put her on, and it is more often
than not true.*
(A woman who takes her faith seriously and proves it through her actions
should be treated respectfully.  Don’t put a woman on a pedastal but avoid
going to the extreme of demeaning her undeservedly)

Maxim #10: *Marriage is a social mechanism designed to exchange sex for
indentured servitude.*
(Marriage is a vocation that is both challenging and rewarding)

Maxim #11:* Calling a girl out on her lie accomplishes nothing.*
(A husband is a spiritual leader of the family and has an obligation to
correct his wife if she sins)

Maxim #23: *The vagina tingle is the principal moral code to which women
subscribe. All other moral considerations are secondary.*  (This is
biological determinism and is not compatible with the Christian doctrine of

Maxim #26: *Never tell a girl how much you make, even if you’re loaded. In
case of marriage, keep separate accounts. * (Don’t marry a woman you have
to lie to)

Maxim #30:* Women will not hold it against you for trying to get into their
panties on the first night. In fact, they will respect you more for your
boldness and willingness to follow your manly desires.*  (A Christian woman
who takes her faith seriously will hold it against you.  If she doesn’t
then she isn’t a serious Christian).

Maxim #31:* If you plan on cheating and subsequently get caught, act like a
total dick who did nothing wrong. Your girlfriend will then wonder if it’s
something she did.*  (Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery)

Maxim #85:* As women’s bodies age and weaken, their rationalization
hamsters grow bigger and stronger. Eventually, the hamster is powerful
enough to take control of all higher order consciousness.* (Titus 2
suggests that even older women are capable of higher order consciousness)

Corollary to Maxim #87: *If you are dating out of your league, or you are
dating a young hot babe in her prime, you should do the exact opposite of
what everyone will tell you to do — *don’t* buy her expensive gifts. Be
particularly wary of advice from women. No woman in the world is capable of
thinking clearly or impartially on the matter of “acceptable” levels of
male provisioning. Even old, fat hausfrau hogs will expect mountains of
jewels in offerings from men. * (This guy hasn’t met my Mother-in-law)

Game is compatible with Christianity to the extent that it encourages
responsible masculine behavior and leadership skills.  It is incompatible
to the extent that it encourages crass misogyny, fornication, or biological

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