The candidate who isn’t there

Posted on December 5, 2011 by

Gingrich Leads Des Moines Register Iowa Poll, Romney Collapses To Third was the headline, but I was confused for a moment. Who is in second place? Ron Paul, of course, the candidate who isn’t there.

As one astute commenter noted:

The minute I saw the title was only naming who’s on #1 and who’s on #3, I knew Ron Paul was the person on the second place in polls.
The bought and sold media simply went from “he doesn’t have a chance” “he’s an outsider” to…. “let’s pretend he doesn’t exist”.
Guess where are the “favorites” they were pushing for some months ago: Perry, Bachmann….

Another said:

Can you imagine how they will get around this when Ron Paul actually wins the primary?

The thread was full of such comments, so the discrepancy seems to be getting noticed:

At least BI acknowledges Ron Paul’s position – sort of. But I’m starting to notice a pattern in the media. Everyone says who is 1st and who is 3rd, but not who is second.

If you go to right now, you’ll see the headline, “Iowa Poll: Gingrich surges, Romney 3rd.” Un Freakin’ believable!

“Obama debates ________________ in the 2012 election”
“Obama debates some guy in the 2012 election.”