We’re not paying for your retirement

Posted on December 7, 2011 by

From Elusive Wapiti:

Like anyone else, Millennials vote their pocketbook too. And a sizable minority of them, even more than my fellow Xers (who famously concluded they’d sooner see aliens than Social Security in the form their parents enjoyed) wonder why they should financially support a generation that enjoyed more wealth and opportunity than they will…

Anyways, I think we’re in for an interesting ride from an entitlements perspective, as the young, slightly more male and significantly more non-white are (for now) being commanded to fatten the wallets of their aged, disproportionately white female elders. I suspect that the former population, as time goes on and the demographic gaps widen, will be progressively less sanguine about surrendering larger and larger fractions of their paychecks to the latter.