Cleaning My Way to 2012…

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When I was growing there was something of a superstitious obsession in our neighborhood with most of the women. It was built around the idea that if your house wasn’t spotless or as close to as humanly possible when the clock strikes midnight on New Years’, it was something of a sign that you’ll probably be struggling the rest of the year to stay on top of things.

Of course, I don’t believe for a moment that a homemaker is doomed to a life disorder and chaos for a full 12 months if her house isn’t clean on New Years’ Day. I do however, really like the idea of starting off the New Year with freshly organized closets, re-lined cabinets, and no laundry save the clothes we wear on New Years’ Day. There’s something about it that makes a homemaker feel all tingly inside.

I recognize how irrational that sounds because anyone with even one child knows that houses rarely stay immaculate for more than 6 hours upon completion of a day of cleaning. Nevertheless, I pull out all the stops the last couple of weeks in December on my way to a New Years’ homemaking masterpiece. Then I take a deep breath on New Years’ Eve and revel in my empty laundry room.

Suffice it to say, between now and the beginning of next year, my hands will be full.  Between juggling Christmas rituals, family gathering time, church, and cleaning projects in between, time for blogging will be limited at best. I’ll set aside the apron and check in as often as I can, though.

I do hope each of you is reveling in the beauty of the season as we joyfully prepare for the commemoration of His arrival.

How do you celebrate the arrival of a New Year?

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