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I’ve been away for a while, and I’ve had a chance to visit with many friends, relatives, and acquaintances on both sides of the Atlantic. It’s given me much to ponder, and left me feeling a bit discouraged.

People are really freaking lazy.

Not just procrastinating, or slow to rise in the morning, but a sort of deep, psychological laziness. A laziness I find painful to contemplate; laziness wrapped in apathy and served on a platter of nihilism. This laziness is not just a bad habit, or a negative personality trait, but a true plague on our society. Because if there’s one thing that categorizes the decline of our civilization, it’s the vice of laziness.

People keep in touch, but they can’t be bothered to visit.
People love their country, but they won’t sacrifice for it.
People praise education, but don’t read or do anything educational.
People have elaborate weddings, but they don’t care about their marriages.
People love family, but avoid their parents and children.
People like family businesses, but only shop at the big box stores.
People spend decades preparing to have children, but stop short of actually having any.
People know that the politicians are lying to them and trying to buy their votes with our children’s heritage, but they continue to support them anyway.
People know what is wrong and acknowledge what is right, but feel no compulsion to act accordingly.

Everyone’s really busy and really enthusiastic, but nobody’s actually doing much of anything worthwhile. Even their careers jobs are stupid, and getting dumber by the day. If there’s one thing that draws me to Traditionalism, it’s the yearning I have to live in a meaningful and worthwhile way. To not waste my time on earth doing stupid, useless crap just to impress people I don’t particularly like.

The only thing I find encouraging about the phenomenon of widespread sloth is that it is so clearly unsustainable.

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