Race, Culture,Traditionalism (oh yes, and Christianity)

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In this corner of the ‘net, traditionalism is often painted as the domain of white Americans and the multicultural tide that has swept it away is often laid at the feet of those who are not a part of the white majority. As I’ve considered this however I am increasingly viewing it as untrue.

In reality, it was white “culture” and white women that ushered in the feminist movement as a precursor to the multiculturalism came a bit later. American culture was still pretty homogenous in 1960. Am I mistaken about that?

When Friedan and company were on the move, most people were not at all interested in a cultural mingling. Even the blacks who wanted equality were not interested in abandoning their own communities or intermarriage in any significant numbers. That came later as a natural outgrowth of tearing down barriers to the traditional roles of men and women. It was in fact this phenomenon that contributed to the dysfunction in the black community.

My father’s generation (he’s 80) named their children Western names; they were Americans after all. They believed in the man as the head of his home, and valued hard work and family. Most still do, quiet as it’s kept. My father worked 3 jobs. It wasn’t until feminists instituted the “no holds barred” approach to life for women that other ethnicity of people began to decide just like the feminists that American culture was flawed, inferior, and something to be cast off and replaced with more “authentic” cultures, culminating with people who share my ancestry calling themselves African-Americans when most of them can’t identify 5 African countries on a map.

Let’s keep things in their proper order. What we have today did not begin with multiculturalism. This began with white women deciding that the patriarchy (code for evil white men in power) was to be overthrown at whatever cost.

After the white women decided to discard any real obligation to their men, and ethnic minority Americans decided that this culture was something to rebel against and discard, it was then that multiculturalism gained a foothold and every group that sailed, swam, or flew over here felt no need to embrace the dominant culture. Why should they if large number of Americans didn’t?

In their obsession with maintaining the mythical virtue of white women who have no interest in maintaining it, and protecting them from the “predatory”  brown men who want to “ravage” their women (someone really needs to let these chicks hitting on my husband know what a danger he is to them) many traditionalists are missing the opportunity to align with people who share their views and values all because said people have skin that isn’t white. They are fighting a losing battle, and it isn’t a Christian one any other way. The Christian tradition is the one that matters most of all, and we “are all one in Christ Jesus”.

For the record, I have absolutely no problem with conserving ethnic and cultural traditions because there is something to be said for maintaining a connection to the bridge one came across. My biggest problem with the “white is right” American traditionalists is this: What are the cultural distinctions that can be directly traced to white Americans alone? If you’re interested in preserving is ethnic homogeneity that’s fine. In fact, I respect those who are open about that position so long as they don’t tie this view to the Faith that I hold most dear. I wasn’t at all interested in intermarriage myself, but why call this preference a preservation of white “culture”?

I would like for someone to give me a list of ethnic traditions unique to Americans, white or black? I don’t think there are any. Biblical morality isn’t American. Christianity was born in the Middle East. Neither is patriarchy a uniquely American tradition. Ethnic homogeneity isn’t either because miscegenation has occurred since the days of the slave trade. This is what confuses me most of all. What are these cultural traditions they are fighting so desperately to save that are so different from those I wish to see revived as well? Or maybe I’m just quibbling over semantics.

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