Christian Literature

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I decided to make regular reading as a goal of mine this year, having backslid over the past few years from my hobby. While perusing my shelves, I saw that I had these:

Totally Surrounded
The Case for Faith
The Case for Christ
The Science of God

This isn’t my entire list, but it reminded me how I should pick one of them up and reread them.

I don’t necessarily agree with everything written in them, such as with The Science of God, and some might find the analysis and logic behind Strobel sketchy. I did however, enjoy Davis’ book as a young convert since it’s autobiographical and the author spent 6 years of her adulthood on a missions trip. Christian literature engages my mind differently than fiction or non-fiction, as those are the main genres I choose from. I like Christian literature because it helps me think philosophically and it aids my knowledge in apologetics.

Does anyone else have any thoughts on Christian literature? What do you usually look for? Do you find that Christian literature adds to apologetics, as well?

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