Get your head out of that box

Posted on January 13, 2012 by

A lot of people who come here think that this is a blog for Traditional Christians. It’s not. It’s a blog run by some not-so-great traditionalists, but everyone is welcome to comment here as long as they keep their tone civil and don’t derail the the debate to the point of annoying us.

But today I’d like to complain about our readership. Sometimes you annoy me. You annoy me because many of you have your head in your little reductionist box, and you can’t see outside of the box if your life depended upon it. You think you’ve swallowed the Red Pill, but you’ve just exchanged one Blue Pill for another.

  • Some Conservative Christians show up here and do their “angels dancing on the head of a pin” crap, and show no compassion for anyone dealing with real life and real problems. Not everyone is living in a commune and roaming around in prairie dresses, you know. Some of us just want to get drunk and laid occasionally because we’re completely normal. You wouldn’t understand.
  • Some Dietary Gurus show up here and do their “wheat is the fruit of the devil” crap, and completely ignore the fact that most people don’t care even if it is true. Most people don’t obsess over their diet to the extent that you do. Many of us have swallowed, injected, or smoked much worse things than wheat before, and it hasn’t killed us yet. Could it kill us? Yeah, sure. So what? I could get hit by a bus tomorrow too, but that doesn’t stop me from driving my car.
  • Some Homeschooling Junkies show up here and do their “schools are part of the liberal indoctrination complex and everyone who doesn’t homeschool is facing eternal damnation” crap, and sound like a total idiot. If you don’t want to send your kids to school, then don’t. If you want to promote homeschooling, then promote it. I promote it. I also send my kids to school. So shoot me. But don’t forget that what other people do with their own kids is their own business. The whole point of homeschooling is that parents should control their children’s education. You’re not those kids’ parent, so shut up.
  • Some Race Realists show up here and rant on about their “you can’t handle the HBD truth” crap, and how facing the facts of racial differentiation will change the world. Um… no it won’t. Not only is it largely irrelevant to most people, it’s the oldest political movement in the book (What, you think racism is new?), and most of us have sort of… moved on. Nobody cares, even if it’s true. People who do care do so because it makes them feel better about being a loser.
  • Some Anti-Feminists show up here and bore me with “women are the root of all evil” crap, and ignore the fact that everyone is a sinner. Hello… get a clue. Men are not any better than women, they just don’t control the political power in our society right now. Back when they did, all of their wicked tendencies came to the fore, as well. Under patriarchy a lot of things sucked, and a lot of things will suck when it’s restored. Unfortunately, it’s still the best system out there, and it meshes nicely with my religious beliefs, so I’m going to promote it.
  • Some Feminists show up here and annoy me with their “patriarchal oppression” crap, in complete ignorance of political reality. Listen here: we tried your system and it sucked worse than patriarchy. You failed. We’re moving on. Get over it.
  • Some Libertardians show up here and proselytize about their free market crap. You sound like a heartless bastard because you are a heartless bastard. Sorry. Everybody knows that you don’t actually care about the “poor and downtrodden” and that’s why they think you’re a jerk. And they’re right. Don’t be such a jerk. We can feel the Schadenfreude coming through the interwebs. It’s gross.
  • Some Grievance Peddlers show up here and spread their “everyone is against poor little us” crap. Would you like some cheese with that whine? Why don’t you go hang out with the Race Realists and you can enjoy your pity-party together, while the rest of us deal with the facts on the ground and get on with our lives.

In short: grow up.

Did I miss any group? Anyone feeling left out?