Why aren’t women funny?

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I’m not just incredibly humble, I’m really funny too.

I have a great sense of humor, and I’m equally good at appreciating humor and formulating my own jokes. I know this because I frequently leave entire groups of people in stitches. I used to help write comedy skits for parties, and they were always very popular. I also know that this is extremely unusual for a woman. Chuck at Gucci Little Piggy seems to have noticed the same thing.

Women aren’t funny. Just ask anybody (besides women). Humor and oppression are strongly correlated. Oppression leads to a sense of irony and keen insight about human nature and life in general.

I agree with this statement. There are some absolutely hilarious (white, female, straight) Christian comedians, but I think they would also qualify as “outsiders” in today’s society. My sense of irony has developed from being “an outsider”, which is something he notes further along:

Take a look at the list of famous female comedians and notice that none fit the “prototypical” (average) woman. In other words, they aren’t white, beautiful, and straight. Being of something other than the feminine ideal, female comedians are able to branch out and grab their piece of the masculine-dominated humor pie. They have the ability and insight to talk about things that men find humorous. They weren’t handed a golden ticket, like many of their straight-and-narrow sisters. In the same way that Jerry Seinfeld, Milton Berle, and the Marx Brothers inherited a legacy of humor from their Jewish ancestors, lesbians, fat broads, and ethnic women have used the same tool: humor.

As for my characteristic snark (which I’ve been trying to tone down lately, as it often sinks into pure meanness), I myself wrote the following at In Mala Fide:

People like ceremonial rhetoric because it strengthens group cohesion, and reassures them that what they are and are doing is okay. That’s why sarcasm and snark are such nerdy traits; people who get picked on a lot tend to adopt them (yes, I know I’m very sarcastic myself).

Irony is born of observation, and only an outsider can observe. Sarcasm is a defensive trait born out of persecution, and is a form of passive-aggression.

I’m humble and funny, and really brilliant too.

But that doesn’t really completely address the topic. There are plenty of persecuted and isolated white, straight, women out there. So why aren’t more of them funny? The answer is very simple: women aren’t often funny for the same reason that they don’t often study physics or compose symphonies. Humor requires pattern-recognition and ingenuity, which are talents men tend to have more of than women.

Furthermore, advanced humor is a gratuitous display of advanced intelligence, and most super-intelligent people are men. Women are often simply too dumb to think of a good joke. The same applies to the overwhelming majority of men, of course. Most men aren’t very funny, although they like to think they are. I am simply stating that — of those who are funny — the majority are men, for the reasons listed above.

Am I too funny to be hot?

Chuck was on a roll with this insight, but he stumbled a bit in the follow-up post to this topic.

Next, we can observe the role that humor plays in intersexual relations. It is often reported that sense of humor in men is at the top of womens’ wish list for mate qualities. Men don’t value sense of humor in women nearly as much, and when they do it is because men think highly of a woman who finds him funny whereas a woman is attracted to a man who entertains her.

Then we have the whole “I’m bored, entertain me” debate. Women say this. Men don’t. Men must perform; women must approve.

I think this is a bit of projection on his part. I’m rarely bored because my own thoughts are delightfully entertaining, and my husband frequently asks me to entertain him. I often laugh to myself about something I’m thinking, and am met with, “What’s so funny? Share!”

I don’t think it is that men don’t want to be entertained by women, but that most women don’t have to try very hard for men to find them entertaining. They just have to show up, be female, have a pulse, and stick out their tits… Voila! Entertainment galore.

The men I’ve had the most dating success with are the men who are bored of most women, and are therefore more difficult to entertain. These tended to be older, attractive, highly intelligent men. They’re attracted to the sexual tension of “witty banter”, and the mental challenge of the occasional bit of humorous genius, without feeling intimidated by my humor or intelligence (which are dominant traits). Just as my husband likes that I’m aggressive because he’s more aggressive, and that I’m horny because he’s hornier, he likes that I’m funny because he’s funnier.

(This post is a repeat in response to Are Women Funny?)

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