Everybody’s An Extremist

Posted on January 24, 2012 by

I read an article recently where the author renounced her support of Ron Paul on the grounds that he is an extremist. A nut job. Unbalanced. Rigid. You get the picture. Immediately upon reading the descriptions provided it occurred to me that I too, am an extremist. And frankly, I have a little less respect for people who aren’t a bit extreme about at least one thing.

Extremist is a word that has come to leave a bad taste in our mouths. We’ve been conditioned to imagine those who are war, rage, and kill to punish those with a different ideology for the purposes of domination and conversion. And so, those who hold an extreme view on any position are demonized and shamed into softening their stance, lest they be called an extremist. Being extreme is worse than being intolerant which is a gross sin in itself so most people, especially those with a public platform shy away from anything that may get them labeled “extremist.”

It’s yet another example of how those who want to control debate do so by twisting the meanings of words to control the narrative. And yet another example of how we the sheeple fall for the ruse. Is it always wrong to be extreme? How many people desire to be extremely healthy? That may be the only extreme characteristic we are permitted to aspire to. It has become a sin to be extremely devout or wealthy; to express a sense of certainty about anything. Doubt is now a virtue all its own and woe to anyone who makes any declaration that can be considered extreme. So we don’t do it. “Moderate” is the virtue of these times.

I however, am not interested in the mushy middle. I am committed to finding the way most right and being extreme in my determination to walk in that way. I am extreme in my belief that Christ is the way to eternal life, and that the Bible is the road map that points the way to Him. I am extreme in my belief that we were created male and female with distinct and complementary roles; and that families are best served when we accept this truth and stop the insanity of striving for a unisex society. I am extreme in my belief that marriage is a sacred vocation and a lifetime commitment. I am extreme in my belief that life begins at conception. I am extreme in my desire to be more, not less devout in my faith with each passing day.

But here’s the thing: Those who decry us as extremists are extremist, too. They are as extreme in their intolerant tolerance of all things unholy as I am extreme in my faith. They deceive themselves when they claim disdain for extremists. The truth is that they hate the wrong kids of extremists. Extreme feminists, extreme androgyny, extreme atheists, extreme promiscuity, and extreme liberalism are all perfectly acceptable to the moderate, tolerant, anti-extremists. Everything is peachy so long as you’re dogmatic about the right things.

“When people stop believing in God, they don’t believe in nothing — they believe in anything.”~G.K. Chesterton

Like I said, everybody’s an extremist.