Buying Local

Posted on January 28, 2012 by

Update on our “buy local” effort.

From our local CSA we’re taking part in a meat share of 12.5 lbs per month for three months, at $8/lb. That’s mostly grass-fed beef and lamb and pastured pork, so the price is a good one. We really like their lamb, so we bought an additional half-lamb for about $7/lb. They tend to throw in a bunch of extra stuff from their freezer, sausages and innards and so on, so we usually end up closer to $5-$6/lb. I use the innards and bones to make soup or gravy.

From our local butcher we’ve ordered a half-hog at $1.99/lb and a 25 lb box of beef for $5.44/lb (roasts, steaks, and ground chuck). If we had the room in our freezer we could get a side of beef for $2.75/lb. All of these prices are significantly below the local grocery store sale prices.

We’re also signed up for the local creamery’s delivery service, which should be starting soon. Extra large eggs are $3.50/dozen, whole milk is $3.75/half-gallon, butter is $3.59/lb, and so on. That’s about twice what I pay in the grocery store, which is manageable and will be worth it for the higher quality. I’m looking forward to the first taste test!

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